Concerts are an experience worth your money. Always, right? You decide on this one. With Soaring Eagle, if an individual goes to this venue, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to park for free. Afterwards, they’ll be disappointed to have to walk through a casino to get to the outdoor amphitheatre. A lack of a lengthy walk is great. Long lines upon arriving? Not so much. The amphitheatre looks impressive, though the sound doesn’t come close to deserve that word.

Cheap Trick rocked the stage first. Fans were treated to a greatest hits set by the classic rock veterans. It didn’t disappoint. Though wasn’t very impressive either. Rick Nielson brought out a guitar that had to have been for show; designed to get applause and grins, and that it did. Though that’s as far as the praise deserves to go. Thankfully, “I Want You to Want Me” and “Surrender” kicked the set up a few notches, entertained and were a joy to hear live (for the 2nd time now; was present for their Riot Fest 2014 set). Great cover of Heroin by Velvet Underground too. Cheap Trick is a good band, and one who is capable of putting on a great show. The evening lacked that. Blame it on the sound and the unenergetic crowd. Not Cheap Trick’s fault. Performing a forgettable set was though. Still, they strike one as a band whom will play until they’re six feet under, they’ll perform til they drop, and that gets major points. As does their enthusiasm and showmanship. Long may they roar.

66 / 100  

Hollywood Vampires: a gimmicky flavor-of-the-week act? Or a band destined for longevity in music? One can’t help but find the former to be probable. With Johnny Depp, the famous actor on guitar, the band playing mostly covers, and touring an album with only 3 original records (none of which are impressive), one ought to wonder if this will last. It likely won’t. That aside, these initial thoughts are missing the point. Hollywood Vampires aren’t critical darlings, they’re not a band out to conquer the world, and don’t need to stand the test of time. No, Hollywood Vampires are a tribute to the rock and roll lifestyle. A tribute to an exclusive pleasure of it. A tribute to the dearly departed; Drunk. Dead. Departed.

Look at this band as enigmatic in their purpose and unexciting in their catalogue, but as a charismatic supergroup sharing a rock and roll secret. That secret being the existence of the Rock And Roll celebrity drinking club in L.A that was constantly occupied by John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, and Alice. Cooper serves as frontman of Hollywood Vampires, with Johnny Depp, Joe Perry (guitarist of Aerosmith) and Duff McKagan (bassist of Guns N’ Roses) assisting. Definite star power with the members of this band. That’s the primary reason to see them live. Seeing Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe and Duff in the flesh. Their setlist is unimpressive in sound, is mostly covers and their original songs are fairly bad too. Thank goodness for Alice Cooper himself covering two of his own classics. However, to be fair this is a band JUST STARTING. In time, they could majorly improve.

Raise your glass mates: we drink to the dead drunk friends of classic rock. That’s the whole reason we’re here everyone! Also, to see the stars of this supergroup live. If one is there for the songs, or expects to get rocked into next week, Prepare to go home disappointed.

48 / 100