Indie kids, stand up! Favorites of yours emerged in the shadows of Detroit, the night of Mothers Day for a performance from a trio of quality Alt Rock businesses. Yours truly was present, observing from front row. Silversun Pickups, Foals and Joywave were the entertainment of the evening. No legends here; No all time greats. Just a trio of great modern alternative acts reminding everyone how awesome alternative rock is now, and as its always been. ‘Due to unfortunate circumstances, Joywave will not be headlining this event’; as expected, the band took the stage first.

Joywave is a band whom presents great energy on stage. That energy seemed just a tiny bit lacking tonight. The band thrives with more of a spotlight on them, and with that somewhat absent here, the energy seemed not up to par as usual (compared to the other 2 times of seeing them). That aside, Armbruster and co, were as charismatic as always and played the hits, much to the fans delight. Rise, Destruction! Rise!
74 / 100

Hailing from Oxford, England, the mighty Foals surfaced next. Led by the charismatic Yannis Philippakis, the band started off a tad slow and low key, but it was all buildup from there. Foals being the powerhouse of the evening, and the most high velocity, high energy show of the evening. Cuts like ‘What Went Down’ and ‘My Number’ were delivered excellently. With ‘Mountain At My Gates’ slightly lacking performance wise. The highlight of the evening was ‘Inhaler’, with Yannis screaming ‘SPACE’ with a large amount of firepower. They are the type of live act to win people over whom are unfamiliar with the band. Bravo!
81 / 100

Closing out the evening was Silversun Pickups, the one band the author hadn’t seen yet. The band played subtle, though with good form and as refined as ever. Brian Aubert delivered his vocals with intensity and with confidence. Highlights include performances of ‘Nightlight’, ‘Circadian Rhythm’ and the mighty ‘Lazy Eye. Brian and Nikki chatted to the audience as a duo, with charm, even responding to audience members a couple times. At one point, Brian said ‘Happy Mothers Day’ and right after said ‘Happy New Radiohead album’ day. Indeed sir, indeed. Great set.
73 / 100