This list was also selected by Seth Romero and Mark Oaks.

40. Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey (Spencer E.)

Excelling at songs of swirling romance, dreamy passion, and songs of the Americana past. Sinatra-esque female ballads galore, behold, Lana has returned with yet another great release. Listen and drift in wonder.

39. Ratchet by Shamir (Seth R.)

It’s fun, different, and unlike any other album that was released last year. Shamir manages to take off-kilter lyrics and beats and mesh them into something wild and spectacular.

38. Wilder Mind by Mumford & Sons (Mark O.)

37. The High Country by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Seth R.)

Although it doesn’t necessarily mirror their last album, Fly By Wire, The High Country has its fair share of should-be hits like Trevor Forever and the oh-so charming Step Brother City.

36. Feels Like by Bully (Spencer E.)

A grungy punk full length homerun led by Alicia Bognanno. ‘Feels Like’ is a gritty record, with Bognanno channeling primal howls into Bully’s songs. She shows the punks what’s what. -S.E-

35. The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers (Seth R.)

Brandon Flower’s sound evolves, but still focuses on the Mojave desert, fabulous Las Vegas, and lonely towns.

34. No Cities To Love by Sleater Kinney (Seth R.)

33. Dodge and Burn by Dead Weather (Spencer E.)

Jack White’s newest effort is worth a nod. barely though. It kicks off very strong with its best track ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’, and its epic opening riff. and scores a few high marks in ‘Open Up’, ‘Mile Markers’ and ‘Cop and Go’. Jack can do better. A decent record, though.

32. Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd (Seth R.)

31. 25 by Adele (Spencer E.)

The perfect pipe goddess returns with another hit album full of songs to listen to in awe.

30. My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice (Seth R.)

29. Kintsugi by Death Cab For Cutie (Spencer E.)

Death Cab’s latest is far from their best, as Chris Walla leaving is simply not good for the band. He’s an excellent guitarist (a song like ‘You Are A Tourist’ proves that), though he was kind enough to stick around to contribute guitar work for this record. Anyway, their newest record ‘Kintsugi’ is quite good, and has some major high points. The singles only mainly. Nonetheless, ‘Black Sun’, ‘The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive’ & ‘Little Wanderer’ shine.

28. Depression Cherry by Beach House (Seth R.)

Paris born Victoria Legrand and other Beach House half Alex Scally  surprised everyone with Depression Cherry’s first single Sparks. It was unlike any other Beach House song and talk about the evolution of their sound hit the forums. After its release we all realized it was just a fluke, but there’s nothing wrong with more of the same.

27. Peace is the Mission by Major Lazer (Spencer E.)

Diplo makes his mark yet again (no Skrillex needed), with ‘Lean On’ begin the most streamed song of all time for Spotify. Not only that though, this album is full of fake reggae infused likable bangers, such as ‘Too Original’ (rules), ‘Roll The Bass’ (hilarious in a bad way and still good), and Blaze Up The Fire (the best song of the record). With plenty of help, Diplo scored an ace.

26. Have You In My Wilderness by Julia Holter (Seth R.)

25. Drones by Muse (Spencer E.)

Muse has never backed down from being bold or charismatic Nor do they lack good riffs. This band has everything you should want in a rock band. Very well written songs, good guitar riffs, and intense epic live performances. Their albums are packed with quality and likable songs, and this record is not a stranger to that. Drones is a great record, and yet only a GOOD Muse record. Given how strong their discography is. Muse have soared above their too-much-like-Radiohead criticisms. Why? Because as near perfect and as all time masterful as Radiohead is, Radiohead didn’t write boatloads of albums full of superb guitar riffs, Muse did though. If you go see them, prepare to be electrified.

24. Star Wars by Wilco (Seth R.)

23. Black Messiah by D’angelo (Spencer E.)

Michael Eugene Archer (aka D’angelo) re-emerged from the shadows to drop another R&B masterpiece. Following dislike of his sex symbol status and legal problems, the R & B crooner returns with a solid third full length, that appeals to even people who don’t like R & B, with its quality funky jams, and his silky smooth vox.

22. I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty (Seth R.)

21. Yours, Dreamily by The Arcs (Spencer E.)

Dan Auerbach takes a break from The Black Keys, to not take a break, and to form a new band comprised of jam session friends/fellow pro musicians and himself, and produce an excellent collection of songs, to re-live the old days of groovin’ rock. ‘Stay In My Corner’ is the ultimate chill groove, blasting colors of the past. With help from ‘Outta My Mind’, ‘Chains Of Love’, and ‘Velvet Ditch’, The Arc’s put in an impressive debut. Also just released a new single ‘Lake Superior’. Ah, the childhood memories, thank you Arcs.