20. Mountain At My Gates by Foals

With Intent to conquer the U.S in his eye, Yannis Philippakis and the rest of Foals stand taller than giants, on this phenomenal single. Calculated and catchy from the start, Yannis shows his colossal potential with the initial two minutes of this track, screaming like a great, and such the song is.

19. Gone by Jr Jr

Formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr, the Detroit Michigan duo released their most gigantic single ever upon changing their band name. Gone is both very catchy, and yet quite intimate and lovely. It’s for everyone (family friendly), and it could be both a song of loss or a summer song for you. Beautiful track. Welcome to fame boys.

18. High By The Beach by Lana Del Rey

Pop’s old fashioned apathetic queen returns to provide more gorgeous slices of the past, and she does not disappoint. A superb outing, Lana continues to ascend to greatness & she deserves exactly the massive amount of fans and fame she has, whether she wants it or not. She’s simply too excellent.

17. Defector by Muse

Electrifying guitar from the start, Muse shreds this one to perfection. With it’s usual conspiracy theory esque political lyrics as part of the song (in the opening) & their theme for this album & others, they kick you into next week. High Velocity guitars and magnificent lyrical repetition make this one gold.

16. Artangels by Grimes

Claire Boucher aka Grimes is hard to define, she’s a star in Alternative, Pop AND Electronic. Excelling at making music that could be assigned to any of those categories. It’s eccentric, whacky, catchy and fantastic. Oozing with quality and substance, Art Angels was a near perfect record, and this title track of the album itself, provides plenty of trippy electronica background to her sunshine riff nicks and her Pop vocals (for this particular song), will leave the listener ascending to the sky.

15. Death With Dignity by Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan’s opening song to his perfect new record is one of the top 3, and is one of the prettiest. Like the other best ones, it has delicacy, sweetness, and such pain to it. Both heart warming and heart crushing, Sufjan created a fantastic gorgeous acoustic piece in ‘Death With Dignity’.

14. Stay In My Corner by The Arcs

Dan Auerbach created the ultimate chill groove that has shades of the past written all over it. Auerbach croons his newest love song with mastery. It’s a winner.

13. Alright by Kendrick Lamar

Considered a song of the year for many, King Kendrick makes the rap anthem of the year. The song captures the ‘Together’ factor for communities all over the world, as that it is how it is seen. The man is yet to ever disappoint, and this song doesn’t differ from that.

12. Blaze Up the Fire by Major Lazer ft. Chronixx

‘Lean On’ being the most streamed song of all time on Spotify, this song follows it on the album, and IS THE BETTER SONG. It excels in all ways. Better vocals, catchier song, better for a party atmosphere and is true to the Major Lazer roots (catchy fake reggae party EDM music). Diplo continues to prove he’s a legend of EDM.

11. Lonely Boy by Titus Andronicus

With the band named after the Shakespeare play, and the album title named after the same Shakespeare Play, this album has MANY superb tracks on it. ‘Lonely Boy’ is probably the strongest though. It opens like a classic rock song and a southern rock song mixed together, and it has that ‘rock opera’ feel to it, with lyrics being shouted with charisma. Titus Andronicus are proving they ought to be showered in fame, and wealth. They really kicked it up a few notches with this record. ‘Lonely Boy’ showcases that.

10. The City by Madeon

Cinematic from start to finish, this EDM song is lush and pretty and full of wonder. ‘The City’ is sung wonderfully and is flawless. Masterful creation Madeon.

09. Punks by Fidlar

Zac Carper proves he’s a force to be reckoned with ‘Punks’. A song where he kicks the door down with his high velocity adrenaline provoking punk screams. Zac’s out for blood with this phenomenal vocal performance and its punk rock lyrics, and apathetic ending.

08. Lampshades on Fire by Modest Mouse

Returning after an eight year album hiatus, Modest Mouse casually dropped ‘Lampshades On Fire’, their 2nd best song ever (behind ‘Float On’). Why is it that good? With Wes Anderson movie esque opening music, catchy lyrics/vocals and due to the songs mystique, this one deserves the crown.

07. Nocturnal by Disclosure ft. The Weeknd

Providing the most electrifying pop vocals on any major mainstream EDM song this year, thank Abel Tesfaye. This song has a lot of buildup, though the chorus is VERY, AMAZING. The atmosphere of this song is incredible. A casual one to dance to, if you dance to it, it’s more about absorbing it’s perfection. Disclosure make fantastic music, though they were wise to stand in the shadows for this one. Behold: The Weeknd is singing.

06. Leave a Trace by Chvrches

Want to mess with Lauren Mayberry, trolls? Guess what? She can handle it. Proving to be quite tough (and looking better because of them) and an even better vocalist and front woman, Mayberry and her band CHVRCHES, continue to ascend. This song being the catapult, with its superb atmosphere.

05. Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

R&B crooner drops Michael Jackson esque hit and it remains the best Pop song of the year. Lyrically focusing on his cocaine addiction and his relationship, Abel Tesfaye released Pop Gold (with extreme help from the REAL GENIUS: Max Martin).

04. ‘Cause I’m A Man by Tame Impala

The 3rd coming of The Beatles, Tame Impala, released the magnificent “Currents” and its top song ‘Cause I’m A Man’ is perfect. This one has superb flow and depth. With its vocal range/pitch perfection bound to induce smiles and confidence.

03. Gibraltar by Beirut

Beirut’s new record was not special. The opening track of it however, was. Sounding like both a cultural multi instrument song of theirs and a piano ballad alternative song, this piece is gorgeous. It feels like an adventure too. Bravo Zach Condon.

02. Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit

Opening with its usual family friendly catchiness and absolute wonder, both which are nearly guaranteed to slap a smile on ones face, the most incredible alt rock opening of 2015 arrived. Michael Angelakos returned triumphantly from this song alone.

01. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) by Awolnation  

The Best song of 2015. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) is fierce, charismatic and full of calculated fury. The song is ho-hum until Bruno transitions from the word “free” into the dance floor stomp of evil that becomes screaming “THEY WILL NEVER FIND ME HERE” x4 “YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” It was then a pivotal moment in alt rock this year. A flawless moment in alternative. It very much sounds like the howl of a deranged wolf speaking human English. Beware the snarl of Aaron Bruno.