Riot Grrrl scene people, raise your fists, Sleater-Kinney has returned! Off the author went, to Royal Oak with parking only $3, for a less than $40 total, to see a critically acclaimed legendary 90’s alternative band. SWEET. The gig was not sold out, though it was packed. With Sleater-Kinney, being a LGBT supportive band, the crowd consisted of some of that, with everyone loving the music. People talked until the lights went down, and then the gig begun:

Waxahatchee took the stage to decent applause, and the band of Katie Crutchfield begun their set. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, she named her band after Waxahatchee Creek from her home state. The bands overall sound is indeed similar to bands such as Tegan and Sara or Sleater-Kinney; no famous songs though, nor do they have the firepower of Sleater-Kinney. Their songs are punk and yet delicate. That aside, Waxahatchee is a dull show. They don’t have any standout songs; do not work the crowd, don’t wow the live viewer, and there are plenty of other bands exactly like this, minus them being all female. They were a face in the crowd of a band.

40 / 100

Sleater-Kinney strided on stage to thunderous applause, with this skeptical critic eying them. Lets be clear: the author went to the show based on their reputation, their reunion and their all time best list achievements, not because their music was preferable. That being said, its bands like Sleater-Kinney that make doing such a bizarre thing such as attending concerts of acts you don’t even like (though attending for other reasons), SO FANTASTIC. Every once in a while, they surprise the living daylights out of you. Sleater-Kinney is THAT RARE BAND that turns an indifferent unexposed listener into a FAN. They play their instruments with precision and with ferocious attitude. Like a proper punk rocker ought to do. They kick your cheeks into next week. They play like they’re ready for Blood. Both vocalists can scream very well. STILL. Even after all these years. They talk to the crowd well and are relaxed. They played an epic set. The highlights being the first 5 or 6 songs, “No Cities To Love”, “A New Wave” and “Dig Me Out”. Whatever reservations one has about this band, go see them live, and prepare to substitute that for delighted awe. Sleater-Kinney is premium live music.

92 / 100

  • coneyisland75

    I like the author’s idea of checking out live acts for bands you aren’t necessarily a fan of. It’s that same curious method that led me to listen to and discover for myself groups like Unkle or Maserati or Dead Can Dance. Based on the recommendation, I think I would venture to spend at least an evening’s worth of attention on Sleater-Kinney’s act if given the chance