Beirut has long been a band the author has been wanting to see. Ever since missing them at Lollapalooza 2011 (due to them being sandwiched into a nighttime slot at the same time as the headliners. They either played the same day as Muse and Coldplay, or as Eminem and My Morning Jacket, or as Deadmau5 and Foo Fighters. Either way, went and saw all those instead) and discovering their greatness later on, they’ve been a band to see. Coachella alumni, the band Beirut is named after the capital of Lebanon, and is fronted by musical genius Zach Condon. Condon is 29, a film composer also, and is the main member of Beirut. If you hear a brilliant song by the band, Condon likely wrote it. Interestingly enough, Zack penned the new album following touring exhaustion and a potential divorce, though a return to New York plus a new romance reportedly helped Condon a lot, and walah, a new record. One is probably wondering, how good the album is? Can’t speak to that, though the two big singles are fantasic. Now as to the set:

Minus Gibraltar, Condon will play nearly all the hits. Seeing Beirut now is essentially seeing a Greatest Hits set plus a couple of new songs. The songs all flow nicely live. The best part of a live Beirut set? Zach Condon and his band’s instrumentation. Trumpets, Trombones, Flugelhorns, and Ukulele’s boom with precision and grace and send waves of peace and relaxation right into the bodies of people in the crowd. Instruments played with such elegance and mastery, is what you can expect if attending a Beirut show. They may remind some of a band such as The Decemberists or Neutral Milk Hotel (whom are both also great live), though Beirut are their own beast. A Beirut set will put you at peace, and yet excite you. You could dance casually, or stand still in awe. Condon hit homeruns with performances of ‘Elephant Gun’ (he changed how the song sounds with its live performance. Nice switchup),  ‘No No No’, ‘Rip Tide’ and ‘Santa Fe’ (an ode to home). However you cut it, flaws and strengths in mind, Beirut is majestic sight and sound. 86 / 100