Rising to the top of the EDM chain, is no easy feat. Furthermore, an act who’s doing it largely off only two actual full length electronic records is even harder. The two closely identical (twin?) English brothers have a lot of epic songs to their name, many with singers lending great vocals. They just headlined Austin City Limits as a dance act, being awarded a higher slot than Deadmau5 (wow). They are also critically acclaimed and are one of the newer acts to set the scene ablaze. Disclosure are one of the most exciting acts in EDM right now and they know how to throw a party. So after already seeing a meh aftershow DJ set from them in Detroit at the Masonic Temple in May, The author and his girlfriend dropped 100 on a pair and jetted up to Grand Rapids last night (Friday, October 16, 2015).

Claude Von Stroke opened, and his style was likable. The dance floor thrashed to his pulsating and consistent beats. Enjoyed every bit of it. He was likable, consistent, and threw a good party. Though he was forgettable. Seeing Claude Von Stroke is great mainly because his style is perfect for a rave, and in that moment and in that crowd, thanks to him, that’s what the gig became.

60 / 100.

The duo took the stage to a roaring crowd. The venue isn’t as big as you might think, and it didn’t look or feel like a sold out crowd (and it wasn’t). Nonetheless, Disclosure played to the crowd as powerfully, as consistently, and as competently, as if they were playing a highly anticipated festival set, or TV or YouTube broadcasted set. Guy and Howard were not fooling around. They shined the brightest during hits such as “F For You”, “Latch”, “Nocturnal”, “Omen”, “Bang That”, and “When A Fire Starts To Burn”. They also brought out ‘Lion Babe’ for “Hourglass”. Disclosure knows how to not only create great dance songs, though to also encompass each hit song with an awe-inducing atmosphere. That atmosphere can feel sexual, in a light and sensual way, or like a pulsating heart jacked up from adrenaline. They have mastered their own style. With Disclosure: dancing, fist pumps and grins are mandatory.

81 / 100

The setlist:

1. ‘White Noise’, 2. ‘F For You’, 3. ‘Superego’, 4. ‘Jaded’, 5. ‘Magnets’, 6. ‘Omen’, 7. ‘You & Me’, 8. ‘Echoes’, 9. ‘Nocturnal’, 10. ‘Willing & Able’, 11. ‘Bang That’, 12. ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’, 13. ‘Hourglass’ ft Lion Babe, 14. ‘Holding On’, 15. ‘Moving Mountains’, 16. ‘Latch’.