Say what you want about Detroit, and as a Michigan resident, this author won’t rush to defend, but the city has a great music scene. Part of the perk of driving a couple hours to and from Detroit for a show, is that since the city’s economic status is so poor, and that it declared bankruptcy in recent years, shows for Detroit concert attendees, are CHEAPER than a lot of other cities. The assumption that many people don’t have money to part with for a concert, translates into ticket deals by email, cheaper festival tickets (if there during presale or use promo codes), etc. Obviously, MANY acts charge the same price for their Detroit shows as they do everywhere else. Others less, cause they have pity for it and charge less (thanks, the author will reap that reward), and very few charge more (final hurrahs, or simply do NOT WANT TO PLAY bloody Detroit). That aside, Detroit has produced Jack White (Thank you VERY much), Eminem (Thank you),  Kid Rock (Thanks? A little bit perhaps), Bob Seger (a Win there too), Stevie Wonder (one of the best), Jr. Jr, and many others.

Last minute ticket sale was what brought the author and his girlfriend to Catfish and Jamie. $54 tickets? Eh. Maybe. $23 for a pair? That’s more like it. Detroit baby. Anyway. Let’s get to the music. Interestingly enough, Jamie N Commons was the opener. The reason that’s interesting, is because it seems like he ought to be touring with X Ambassadors instead, given that he lent his vocals to their big hit “Jungle”. Now, the author and his company knew that, though when Mr. Commons closed with “Jungle” and powered through the song  professionally, pouncing it like a lion, it felt epic, though the crowd didn’t seem to recognize the tune, or be too phased by it. Get with it guys. His set felt like an ode to musicians such as Steve Earle, or Tom Waits. One could tell that he has a taste for the blues and for the country life. The set was overlaid with love songs, and feel good alternative, though with those other two genres influences hanging over the set like a cloud that the author APPRECIATES. Had the chance to greet Jamie, and instead gave him his space. Overall, he played an engaging charming set, capped off with a hit, lifted up all who knew it. Well done outperforming Catfish. Best Quote from a song: “Aint no god on my streets”

72 / 100

Catfish and The Bottlemen took the stage to a room, overlaced with fan-girls. Girls going crazy for the band. That’s cool, ya know? Except when you’re mid 20’s, and listening to the pre-teen like screams that you’d expect at, say, a Justin Bieber concert, then it becomes, NOT COOL. It becomes humorous and irritating. That being said, the band handled it well, and were very appreciative. The most notable thing about Catfish And The Bottlemen’s live set is: they’re VERY energetic. More so than a lot of other alternative bands.

They have the type of energy this author saw from bands such as At The Drive-In, Muse, and Cage The Elephant when seeing them live. They’ve got firepower. Yet, they don’t quite have the songs yet. It seems likely they listened to bands like that, and bands like The Vines, The Strokes, Jet, etc, and they probably resonate with people that listen to a lot of the bands that have been listed, and yet, this author thinks, they DON’T have the songs yet. Anchored by singles such as “Cocoon” and “Kathleen”, both are decent at best. “Kathleen” being the authors favorite, Ryan performed it fairly poorly. Overall though? Excellent energy, and Ryan McCann has a decent scream. Catfish And The Bottlemen HAVE POTENTIAL, and yet still have such a long way to go, to be elite, (and new bands can be elite).

70 / 100

Note for all future live music reviews: This author will have ALL concert reviews posted within a day of them happening, so that’s something for readers to keep in mind. Author also has a lot of reservations with using the word “I”, when writing. The author is more interested in  analyzing/critiquing the art/entertainment and focusing on the subject, than so heavily referencing himself with the subject. That will always be the style here.