Shutter Island excelled at keeping the viewer at the edge of his/her seat. It had terrifying moments, and was chilling. It followed a trail of breadcrumbs all the way up until reality was revealed. Predictable, yet still surprising. Scorsese didn’t quite exemplify his usual style, though still did a commendable job. DiCaprio, as always, was on top of his game. Overall, top of the line direction and acting was provided from our beloved duo to which i’m enthralled to be discussing. Nonetheless, this is the lowest point of the Scorsese/ DiCaprio duo, though its still a halfway decent picture.

67 / 100

4. THE AVIATOR (2004)

DiCaprio’s portrayal of aviation aficionado Howard Hughes was spellbinding, and a role to remember. Leo captured his eccentricities, his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and his brilliant contributions to humanity, while not neglecting to display his shortcomings. It was a captivating performance. Plus the scene where he crashes the plane and it goes INTO THE HOUSE or ON IT, with the roof that seems woodchip like, slowly coming apart, and the plane then beginning to burn is mesmerizing and film magic. It captures the legacy of Howard Hughes quite well, this critic thinks. However, it becomes boring, and the length of the film is a bit elongated. Scorsese implements his usual style of excellence here. The Aviator is a great film and a Best Picture winner. The duo continues to soar.

75 / 100



The Wolf is something to behold. This Devil-May-Care Wall Street dark side yuppie, is worthy of your laughter, your evil AND your greed. One may question what they stand for, as they grin at the immoral actions of DiCaprio’s epic portrayal of Jordan Belfort; actions that are presented equally comical as they are dastardly. Home run performances by Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie also (She will be playing Harley Quinn (Joker’s Girlfriend) in Suicide Squad for all you comic book movie fans). The films quick paced conversations match the type of direction/writing you’d see from Scorsese & Co. in Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed, that of which the fans adore. An ace of a film. Note: I gave this film a 77 out of 100 when I saw it in theaters, it has proven to be a “grower”, a work of art with its likability GROWING through more viewings, thus the higher score.

87 / 100


History can occur from the wrong side of the tracks. Gangs Of New York exemplifies this. A gang war, with a giant showdown, gives this film the silver. With lots of help also, from the star of the show, NOT DiCaprio. Daniel Day Lewis, sneering his way from the top, actor royalty, proved who the real boss was, even though Leo’s character’s true motives were not what they seemed. It’s a masterpiece, and not one that should be viewed casually. Pay close attention to the plot, the characters and the bravado, this tale is no songbird. It’s a crow.

91 / 100


1. THE DEPARTED (2006)

This film is the masterpiece of the highest magnitude of all films discussed here. The script had the perfect mix of in depth professional dialogue, humor, and complexity. It had a cast worthy of the gods: DiCaprio, Nicholson, Wahlberg and Damon. Vera Farmiga acted excellently also. It was a film that had wow moments also, which is rare for a mainstream drama. An important concept that they really took to the moon and back was cell phones. Texting in your pocket to let the cops know what the mob boss is doing with progress. Both pick up and no one says anything, etc. They captured the relevance of cell phones with the mob/the drug trade. In The Departed, everyone had blood on their hands. With all Scorsese/ DiCaprio collaborations in film, this was their magnum opus. Please keep them coming gentleman.

97 / 100