There’s a certain audience the Peel for the iPhone 6 demands. It’s not a very thick case. In fact, it’s the thinnest case for the iPhone currently available, coming in at a mere 0.35mm.

The Peel itself comes in a very simple sleeve that opens up like a premium Ziploc bag. On the back it says it’ll protect your phone from bumps, dirt, and scratches. On the white iPhone 6 model I thought it wasn’t in the provided sleeve. That’s how thin it is, it’s nearly invisible. It’s also branding free, so if you’re looking for a case that doesn’t have URLs or company logos, you’re in good company.

For $24.99, the Peel is on the lower end of the price spectrum for premium cases. Although this has less material than others and maybe has less of a reason to cost a lot more money, I do still consider it a premium product. My favorite kind of case is one that once you put it on your phone, you forget it’s even there and the Peel is the only iPhone case I’ve ever felt that way about.

Once you put the Peel case on, it’s not longer just a case. It’s a flush extension of your phone you will never have to worry about.


The Good: Like I said before, the case is completely branding free. The white model looks near invisible in pictures and in person. It’s as if you don’t have a case on, but are still protecting your phone. In fact, during my time with the case, I dropped my phone from waist height onto a hard concrete surface outside twice. The first time I dropped it the case adequately protected my iPhone 6 from any harm. The second time it did, but not from a deep nick to the bottom of the device.

The Bad: It best protects your phone from scuffs, dirt, and light scratches, but not from a very tough concrete floor. Other than this, there aren’t any other negatives. The kind people over at Peel likely didn’t make this with Otterbox-like features in mind and that’s fine.


Overview: Although the Peel won’t protect your iDevice from the most extreme physical conditions, it’s a very beautiful case, and like your phone you’ll want to keep it as nice and clean as possible. It works on a lot of levels and at $24.99, it’s not hard to justify the cost. It’s a case for people who hate cases and care about the integrity of their iPhone. The Peel case is by far the best iPhone case I have ever owned. Buy it.

Side Note: Peel HQ has also released a case for iPad Air / Air 2, and iPad Mini 2 and 3. You can take a look at those here.

  • Samantha Howard

    Peel cases are useless. I dropped my phone and ended up with a cracked screen and dented corner. I expected it to provide some protection for $25. Useless! Do not waste your money.