I’ll start of by saying this: I usually go into every review having thought about the films a lot beforehand. Entourage is different because I walked out of the screening less than two hours ago. I’m a huge fan of the show and even though the final three seasons lost the fun and charm of what made Entourage so special, I stuck by and defended it as much as I could. I’m going to point this out early in the review so you don’t have to stick around any longer if you don’t like the show: if you are not a fan of Entourage, you will not like the Entourage movie. If swearing and gratuitous nudity offend you, you will hate the Entourage movie. If you love Ari Gold… You will love this movie.

Entourage stars Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase, a lovable but somewhat clueless actor who has been given the chance to direct his very first feature film, which is way over its hundred million dollar budget. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), who was once Vince’s talent agent, is under pressure from the film’s co-financier (played by Billy Bob Thorton) and his son (Haley Joel Osment) and won’t give them any more money to complete the film until they see a rough cut. E (Kevin Connolly) and Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) have split up since the show’s now meaningless finale and are expecting a baby together. Just like in the show, though, we hear more about Sloan than we see, where she manages to be a conversation piece between the bros more than once.

It should be no surprise to fans that the film plays out exactly like you think it would. Nothing life changing ever truly happens to our favorite boys or anyone around them. The movie takes the so-so ending of the series and wraps it up into a much nicer box. It feels like a very extended episode of the show, but that isn’t a bad thing considering this isn’t a movie made for the critics. It’s not your average arthouse fare. Entourage was made for the fans like myself who wanted Vincent’s adventures to last longer than they did. I must admit, though, I’d take an Ari Gold spin-off any day of the week.

The film is filled with more cameos than you could count with the fingers of everyone in the theater. Notably, you’ll find Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Kelsey Grammar, Bob Saget, Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Liam Neeson, Julian Edelman, T.I., Common, Gary Busey, and approximately thirty others. There’s this one scene in the film where they’re throwing a screening party for Vincent Chase’s directorial debut film, Hyde. The camera chases the leads around the party and the number of cameos is overwhelming. Before you inhale one cameo another happens right before your eyes. It’s kind of like how the South Park movie has a swear word every six second or something but with cameos.

My only real issue with the film is that a few of the subplots go absolutely nowhere. A character has something happen to them worse than a sex-tape being leaked, yet after the initial shock value it fades. In another scene, a character with familial commitments engages in sex with multiple women who later reveal some devastating information to him at a café and in that very same scene it’s quickly (and quite embarrassingly) resolved.

Ultimately, though, Ari Gold manages to steal the show. Why doesn’t Jeremy Piven get more roles? By the time the credits rolled, I wanted more and if another Entourage movie comes to fruition I’ll be first in line to buy a ticket because it’s all good fun. It’s definitely not Citizen Kane, but Joe Dirt it ain’t.

  • Thank you Seth for writing a good review for this movie! My BF and I love the TV series, we’ve watched it a few times now and this funny and talented crew along with all the cameo celebs and Hollywooders deserves better than the undeserved abuse a too many of those critics are slinging at them. Cheers to Entourage – the movie!