The Killers went on hiatus again after their largely uninspired senior effort Battle Born was released in 2012, something that upset me as a long-time fan. Where have the good times gone? Is this the same group that put out Sam’s Town, Day & Age, and arguably the best song of the 2000’s? It seemed as if the real group had been replaced with Bruce Springsteen die hards who attempted (and failed) to emulate his every charm.

During this hiatus lead singer Brandon Flowers has returned to the music scene, continuing his solo career. Flamingo was different, but it was a pretty great album overall. One of my personal favorites of 2010. After teasing us with a few very dull and short clips Brandon Flowers revealed his new album’s title, The Desired Effect. One could assume this to be a great boon, but you’d be surprised. The track list itself seems like Flowers has found little time to tinker with innovative titles. “The Way It’s Always Been,” the track announced to be the close for The Desired Effect, sounds like the spiritual successor to Battle Born’s lackluster “The Way It Was”.

Flowers worked together with Grammy winner producer Ariel Rechtshaid for the album. Can’t Deny My Love, the first single, sounds off and overproduced. Brandon’s voice obfuscated by the loud beats and unnatural sounds. The best part are the lyrics: “What’s going on in your head now / was it something I said / I know you have been living in the past.” Words that paint a very vivid picture, but unfortunately it seems to be the only redeeming aspect of this hook-less track.

Here’s to hoping the new album has better tracks that achieve this desired effect when it hits shelves on May 19th via Island Records.

Listen to the full song over at Stereogum.

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    Wow this is the first negative review of Can’t Deny My Love that i’ve seen. Others have loved it and i’m agree with the majority, i think it’s excellent