Uneducated people are common. Mentally strong educated people are uncommon. Brilliant, mentally strong people whom change the world, are rare, and not only that, they are the ones who make the pages of history. Alan Turing belongs to that final category. “A strong mind shuts out feelings of fear and inadequacy: focused on reaching the goal”. Alan Turing did just that, in cracking ENIGMA, and in a way, winning the war, as he overcame the obstacles of bullying, dislike, time constraints and oppression.

Alan Turing is a key pioneer of Computer Science. An all time great, and didn’t even make it to being past middle aged. One of the greatest minds the field has ever seen, and the war had ever seen, and his downfall was his sexual preference. The author writing this piece takes no position on Turing’s sexuality or in general. Moving on. The field of computer science and information technology were robbed of potential future revolutions, and of world progression had oppression left Turing be. Sadly, the man never got to see the products produced from his minds ideas. This film is a very good tribute to his life’s work and to the little information known about him and how he lived. No audio or video recordings of Alan Turing exist, so other preparation was done in researching Turing by the films screenwriter Graham Moore. Moore did a magnificent job in making the film nerve wracking, humorous, exhilarating and it was true to its source. Major praise should also be extended to the director Morten Tyldum in creating all those effects as well, and in how the film was shot, and its excellent cinematography.

Character building in The Imitation Game was executed impressively with Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch), Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley), and Turings intellectually strong coworkers. It was also cool to see ‘Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance in there. The film also had good pacing. On a separate not, Turing Machines are still relevant today in the field of Computer Science. One of the authors close friends has created a fair amount of Turing machines in connection to corporate computer science work done in major cities.

Oscar nominations flooded the doorstep of The Imitation Game, and rightfully so. Every award its been nominated for, it deserves. The author’s personal pick for what it should win is Best Actor. Benedict Cumberbatch aced this role as Turing. Best Picture it’s close, though some other films on the list surpass this flick by just a hair.

Ultimately, this is a great movie to go see in theaters, if still available in your city, and is definitely worth renting and owning too, if one is inclined to add a film to their collection.

To always “Live And Let Live” is an impossibility with our species.