NOTES: Excellent as they indeed are, Greatest Hits albums, B-Sides albums, Anthologies, Movie Soundtracks & Comedy Albums were NOT considered and are NOT included with this list.

The date range focus was the exact beginning of 1994 to the exact end of 2014.

Genres include: Alt Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Jam, Folk, Bluegrass, R & B, Rap, Ambient, Electronica & Dance.

Let AV Wire know your praise, thoughts and criticisms. We listen with an open mind!


  1. Odelay by Beck (1996) – Beck keeps it bizarre and kicks the listeners head in, with this 90’s work of art. He remains relevant with his Grammy album of the year nomination, and has locked in a reputation as one of the best songwriters of the last 20 years.
  2. The Devil Makes Three by The Devil Makes Three (2002) – Stomp and whirl on the dance floor to these delicate tunes. A Bluegrass masterpiece, and an absolute delight to listen to.
  3. The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill (1998) – The turmoils of pregnancy and life in the Fugees, are encompassed in this R & B masterpiece.
  4. AEnima by Tool (1996) – A landmark album for the supremely talented Tool, their songs are meticulously crafted, and contain a lot of time signature switching. Maynard is a beast of his own; one that snarls at you and gives you his bite every record the whole way through.
  5. Get Born by Jet (2003) – Blasting to the sky with these singles, Jet deserved the world handed to them on a platter. They deserved to be a band that lasted, especially with this knockout debut record.
  6. Far Away Trains Passing By by Ulrich Schnauss (2001) – One of Ambient music’s finest pieces. Soothes the soul. Perfect music to meditate to or do schoolwork to.
  7. Take It From The Man! By Brian Jonestown Massacre (1996) – Anton Newcombe is the real deal. His high quality (relatively unknown) best penned songs are a bloody fine gift to rock and roll. Boardwalk Empire theme is on this particular record too.
  8. A Color Map Of The Sun by Pretty Lights (2013) – The best groove sampler in all of EDM takes the big jump label wise here. His music is top of the line and is both family friendly and for the ‘bros’. This record flows perfectly. Let the colors ooze on you.
  9. Vitalogy by Pearl Jam (1994) – Although their debut record is better, this piece stands as some of Pearl Jam’s finest songs.
  10. The Strypes by The Strypes (2014) – This year had a lot of good records, though the Strypes U.S release to me left the biggest mark. With Royal Blood & The War On Drugs putting out my runner ups for other best of the year rock records, The Strypes DEFIED the logic that when you’re a 16 or 17 year old and an active force in music, you’re typically a pop star, or a rapper, who makes LOW quality radio friendly tunes for the musically uninformed masses. Not this time. These are kids that started at 15 or 16 (18 or 19 now) and tour the world as a band that is a mix of classic rock/blues, sound retro, and kick your head in more than most bands whom are at least 10 years older in age. Digest this. TEENAGERS. MAKING. THROWBACK. ROCK/BLUES. MUSIC, and the scariest thing is: It’s extremely good music AND Nobody is listening yet due to lack of marketing. The Strypes should be running this planet now Justin Bieber, NOT YOU.