When one enjoys over one hundred songs from musician Trent Reznor, making a top 25 is difficult; especially with recordings as epic as these. Hoping this list provides a solid tribute to the catalogue of NIN. Without further ado:

25. Satellite

The best song from Hesitation Marks is half a dark representation of the exact title, and half electronic dance groove. Masterful recording.

24. Sanctified

Strip Clubs play this dark masterpiece.

23. We’re In This Together

Secretly a love song, it’s amazing.

22. 1,000,000

An instrument banging rapid fire punch to the face.

21. The Collector

A teeth gnashing track proving Trent could still scream.

20. Sin

Defiant NIN electronica at its best. An absolute classic.

19. Starfuckers Inc

Manson joined the party on this iconic anthem of the 90’s. It should be noted that The Fragile has quite a few other songs that almost made the list. It’s better than this list credits it.

18. The Warning

This doom impending masterpiece hits you with futuristic electronic music one blast after another lyrically and with a sophisticated sound.

17. Into The Void

This song is a ticking time bomb. It grows.

16. Gave Up

This one will grow on you & is one of Broken’s best.

15. La Mer

The most beautiful uplifting instrumental Reznor ever recorded; and a complete change of style.

14. Terrible Lie

A god defying live favorite from day one; its perfect too.