I received an email from Medium early this morning, featuring an article from writer David Dennis, Jr. It clearly outlined why he felt nobody should see Ridley Scott’s new picture because it was racist.

His article argues that he maintains his religion, yet uses the Lord’s name in vain, because maybe he feels that it’ll help him seem louder and get his goddamn point across (sorry, I just couldn’t help it).

I remember getting into an argument with a few people on a message board a few months ago about how racist Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ was, because it featured no people of color. According to most sources, the film was shot in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Wouldn’t it be funny if Mr. Jonze went out of his way to find some of the approximately 0.7% of black people there just to appease a certain audience? That’d be, in some way, much more racist than not having black people in mind at all during shooting.

Sure, maybe Exodus should have featured more people of color in bigger roles, but it all boils down to star power. Ridley Scott has a relationship with Sigourney Weaver, so why not give her a role? He really wanted to work with Christian Bale (probably on any project), so he gave him something on the shiny new script he had in his hands. The wonderful thing about acting is that no matter who you are, you can play any role, sometimes not having the need to fit predetermined physicalities. I bet that at any given point, Ridley Scott hadn’t thought about the race of his leads and thought about the amount of skill and gravitas they have.

Warner Bros.' "Her" - 2014

Ridley Scott is a filmmaker and he’s allowed to do any film he wants with any actor he chooses. Deliberately calling it racist and moaning about it just because you feel like it shoudln’t have been the way it is, is childish.

So, what else is there to say, really? I don’t feel like writing some in-depth article over something so minuscule, but if you want to see the movie, see it and enjoy it if it’s any good. If you’re sensitive about race and somehow manage to call everything that doesn’t include enough people of color in it racist, then don’t see it.

Watch the Exodus trailer below.

  • Jared Purdom

    That’s a weak argument. Her didn’t need black people like a movie about an ancient civilization in AFRICA you simple tool. Stop defending the whitewashing of a culture that was anything but.

    • Seth R.

      I’m glad my article inspired a response, whether it’s a different opinion or not, but are you telling me it was wrong of Matthew McConaughey to play a homosexual man suffering with AIDS, simply because he isn’t homosexual? They’re actors and actors act, regardless of race or cultural identity. When you act, you embody a role presumably different from who you are in real life. That doesn’t make it racist when you disregard race.

      • Jared Purdom

        So Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rooney in yellowface and jabbering in a fake Asian dialect wasn’t racist because they were actors acting? Portraying someone with a different sexual orientation is different than portraying someone of a different race. Ancient Egyptians were not Caucasians with spray tans and eyeliner. Aaron Paul as an Egyptian is a slap in the face of many struggling ethnic actors out there. Racism, bitch!

        • Jared Purdom

          How do you justify casting prolific Caucasian actors as rulers of a civilization with ethnicities playing slaves and nonspeaking roles? You assume the director is blind to race, despite over 100 years of Hollywood whitewashing almost every roll that wasn’t white? John Wayne as Ghenghis Khan, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, and even Charleston Heston as Moses made sense financially 50 years ago. White movies for white markets. But now the world is a little more diverse and historical accuracy is more important. You’re justifying more white people portraying the subjugation of people of color on film and that’s pathetic.

          • Seth R.

            By your way of thinking, Bollywood movies are all racist, because they almost exclusively feature Indian actors and almost none of the others? You seem to be nitpicking and that’s the real issue here.

  • Finally a level-headed article on this inane debacle.

    People think it would be amazing to see Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Chiwetel Ejiofor playing those roles. Perhaps Eddie Murphy. What they don’t get is that this is a movie adaptation of a fantasy tale, in which poetic license and invention will hardly destroy the REAL world.

  • Jessica



    Since 99% of the idiots whining about race are Americans, it shouldn’t matter.
    American cinema is dead. Scott’s films always strike gold in Europe where they have actual taste.
    EXODUS will do great everywhere but here it will be beat by Transformers 6 or some crap
    because the intelligence level of our country is ON DISPLAY every time these race watchers speak.