Action films can come in different styles. In recent decades, a certain style has emerged. The sleek, quick, fast paced, heart racing action/dramas. We continue to give them a warm welcome in the box office and on home releases, and a good amount of them deliver. Non-Stop takes many of those fore-mentioned elements and does so successfully.

The film is about a U.S Air Marshall (Neeson) whom boards a plane and against his will is tasked with protecting a plane that he is suspected to be the threat of. He knows he needs to manage the planes passengers, and minimize the threat, while keeping his sanity in check. One will quietly root for a peaceful outcome in the film; though one will need to watch it to see how the synopsis wraps itself up.

Non-Stop is without question, an above average film, with great acting, constant thrills and it keeps you guessing until the end. Liam Neeson remains a cream of the crop actor and his stuntman continues to create exciting action moments from behind the scenes. Fantastic work by the various screenwriters who penned the script; the culprits were not easily guessed, and the thrill of the film lasted through its entirety. The ending could have been stronger though.

Impressive directing by Jaume Collet-Serra. The film seemed to navigate quite nicely, it was sleek and quick and had a style similar to the Bourne Identity films. An enjoyable film to the end, though it seemed a little too by the book.

Putting a bitter Air Marshall’s back against the wall, is about as wise as doing the same to a Crocodile. Wouldn’t recommend it.