Back in May 2013 we gathered rarities from The Killers and put them all in a collection aptly titled Victim Rarities, promising another in the future. We’ve found more gems since and hope you all enjoy the latest release!

Track list below.

Download here and below.

Victims Rarities II


  1. Sam’s Town Open
  2. When You Were Young [Abbey Road]
  3. Human [Acoustic]
  4. Read My Mind [Abbey Road]
  5. Where Is She? [Unreleased]
  6. Wembley Song [Live]
  7. Go All The Way [Raspberries Cover]
  8. Jenny (That Slut) Was A Friend Of Mine [Live]
  9. Pale Blue Eyes [Lou Reed Cover]
  10. Human [Abbey Road]
  11. Runaways (Instrumental)
  12. Old Man Jimmy (Is Soon To Die)
  13. A Dustland Fairytale [Abbey Road]
  14. Midnight Show [Acoustic]

RT: 58 minutes – Download