Apathetic Wall Street depiction blended with musings of an elegant madman.

american-psychoFocusing on a main theme is important in film, but some of the best films take on more than one. Thus making it difficult to comprehend which angle is of greater importance, or what the message behind the piece is.

American Psycho tackles at least two of them, and gives equal attention to both. One being, the psychotic activity of a cultured privileged serial killer (murder), the other being Wall Street delusion, apathetic disregard to colleagues and greed. The intriguing part about the latter though, is unlike most films focusing on life in NYC. Greed is overshadowed by apathetic disregard. These Wall Street yuppies, don’t even know each others names and have worked together for years; Constantly incapable of identifying their peers, but playing it off slickly. This particular depiction of Wall Street is what is most interesting about the film, because it feels real.

Spawning a sequel is always a sign of success, and even though this film isn’t highly regarded by many, it is far greater than its successor. Christian Bale gives a career highlighting performance playing the narcissistic psychopath Patrick Bateman. His character is like a clever fox who orchestrates all his desires and business tactfully, except when it comes to avoiding criminal implication. It seems as though no madman can maintain control of himself.

The way the film ends, almost screams the message “On Wall Street, getting away with murder is inevitable, when your own co-workers are incapable of identifying you”.

Surprisingly enough, the director of this extremely dark film comes from the mind of Mary Harron. Although not familiar with her other work, she achieved quite a victory with this picture, as it possesses characteristics of a future cult classic.

american-psycho-2000-1080p-bluray-x264-hdmi-mkv_snapshot_00-26-59_2011-03-21_01-50-22-jpgLush cinematography, great sound and well written superficial dialogue compliment this film. It does not strike me as a movie, a person would want to see multiple times. Its violence feels a bit on the senseless side, even with the style it possesses. With all its grandeur, its violence just might leave a raw taste in your mouth. The ending is unorthodox, but should create some inward musing about what it really aims to present.

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