Love stories are common in film these days; to the point that many of them don’t strike a chord in genuine reality without reaching overdramatized effect. Blue Is The Warmest Color walks the line of a genuine love story without the fore-mentioned effect hitting it, to perfection. It feels real. The love and pain, all of it. Bravo!


Themes of this film include: indeed, the color blue, and indecisive youth. Young Adele (Adele Exarchopoulos) does not know what she’s looking for in a partner. In fact, maybe she never has it quite figured out. She has some flings with a couple guys over the course of the film, but shes very detached and uninterested by nature. Emma (Lea Seydoux) clears that patch up for Adele as they embark on a blooming romance. There are some explosive lesbian scenes of intimacy, if that’s a problem for someone, id recommend avoidance of the film. Otherwise, may open minds prevail. Getting back to the plot, people become aware of the female couple. Some accepting, some not, but ultimately, the two seem indestructible at times.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Adele screws it up, and the breakup is tough on both of them, in different ways. Adele grows in herself when she loses Emma. Her first defeat. Put in the words of a wise man, “defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out.” Furthermore, when they reconcile, they have a moment, which captures the tenderness of what they had, in pain and in loss. Reminds me of a moment I had with an ex girlfriend, how lucky I was to have her and the even greater girlfriend that followed.

Films like this are a rarity, because its love told realistically, and with rawness to it. But contains such grace. It also shows female same sex couples in a light that some people could really use sight of. Some people aren’t attracted to the opposite sex only. Some people are attracted to people. This film is three hours long and it really takes its time. For some, too long. For me, indeed the pacing was a bit too slow (the films biggest drawback) but I really appreciated how it wrapped itself up. Also, expect a Sopranos like ending where there will be an unanswered question or two floating in your mind. If I could have played a song to the mood of them, I think Instant Crush off Random Access Memories would have been about right. Fantastic sound, flow of subtitles and cinematography in this picture.

I raise my glass to Abdellatif Kechiche, and to the love story of Adele and Emma. May you generate controversy and musing at a minimum.