Sarah Brightman blew the audience in Vancouver, B.C., Canada into space on Friday, October 25.  The space-adoring star brought her own interpretation of outer space to life for audiences across the world on the Dreamchaser World Tour, and it was nothing short of fantastic.

Brightman opened up with Angel, the first track and single off her new record, Dreamchaser.  She didn’t fail in the angelic department, with her strong, ranging voice booming throughout the arena.  She continued the tracklisting with One Day Like This and Glosoli, respectively — a couple of the more popera tracks.  Her newest record holds some of her greatest songs, but she didn’t forget to sing her old hits.  She followed up after the three brand new masterpieces with Hijo De La Luna and La Luna from her well-known and critically acclaimed 2000 LP, La Luna.

DSCN8185Brightman didn’t stray from the point of the tour for long, though, singing her classical opera piece, Eperdu.  The instrumentals and space-inspired visuals projected across the screen compliment her flawless voice.  Brightman mixed up the setlist again in her next performance with a prior song in her career, It’s a Beautiful Day from her 2003 record Harem.  She sang the song with emotion that filled the venue.  Again returning to the Dreamchaser era, she serenaded the adoring audience with Ave Maria, which she has recorded with different sounds for different albums before.  She closed the first act with a duet of Canto Della Terra with Erkan Aki from her last studio record, 2007’s Symphony, and Nessun Dorma from 2001’s Eden.  Both are strong classical melodies, and a smart way to end the first act.

DSCN8194 After returning to the stage, Brightman refreshes the audience with two modern opera songs from the new record, Closer and Breathe Me, which are some of the best songs on the album and an enjoyable mix in the setlist after having two classical tracks that ended the first act.  She goes back to the La Luna era (perhaps because it is also space-based with the moon) with Beethoven: Figlo Perduto and Scarborough Fair.  The latter was beautifully sung as warm-coloured light illuminated the stage and Brightman herself.  The next song, an exclusive to her Japanese release of the album, Kaze No Torimichi was easily one of the best songs she performed live.  Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro features the original instrumental version of the song, and Sarah Brightman makes it her own.  Green lasers shine across the stage as she lays along a bench, singing perfectly.

DSCN8200The next song she harmonises from her latest album, A Song of India, softens the mood and brings the aura back to classical.  Doing a classical melody was a good choice, since fan-favourite and polar opposite Phantom of the Opera was her next performance.  She welcomed back guest singer Aki to the stage for the powerful piece that has proven it has an iconic place in music history after withstanding the test of time and receiving never-ending praise.  The performance gained a standing ovation and cheers.  Brightman made things gloomy when she told the audience it was “Time to Say Goodbye,” though if that was the last we has heard of her, it would have left everyone satisfied despite wanting more.  Luckily for the cheering crowd of fans, Brightman returned for a two-song encore.  She closed with Venus and Mars, the amazing popera song from Dreamchaser, and A Question of Honour from her 1995 record Fly.  It was a contrary ending to the first act, proving Brightman thought out the setlist quite well.

DSCN8262 Although Brightman didn’t communicate often with the audience, she got all the technical aspects right.  Her movements were graceful, the lighting was done tastefully, her costumes were elaborate, the projections on the backdrop screen were intriguing, the dancers were interesting, Erkan Aki was a phenomenal guest singer, and her voice was without a single flaw every song.  No CD is advanced enough to capture her live voice.  If you haven’t seen Sarah Brightman live, you are missing out on a huge chunk of her impact on the music and theatre industries.  See her.


–Act One–
One Day Like This
Hijo De La Luna
La Luna
It’s a Beautiful Day
Ave Maria
Canto Della Terra
Nessun Dorma
–Act Two–
Breathe Me
Figlio Perduto
Scarborough Fair
Kaze No Torimichi
A Song Of India
Phantom of the Opera
Time to Say Goodbye
Venus And Mars
A Question of Honour


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