A bittersweet story about a decaying family of the peaceful community.

Always alive. We live on through each younger generation of ourselves. As the old and withering perish, we help less and less. Why can’t we hold the hand as it enters the shadows? As it enters the end of the day? Nebraska. Feel the centuries of humanity breeze against your skin while driving down the road.


What feeling does this film project? Sepulchral warmth holding on to close family until the end of their days. Sons standing by their parents, with the father decaying and declining in health mentally and physically. This film finds joy in its own tears. It finds love in delusion. It finds glory in weakness.

Soaring in depressive indie moods, and in being true to relatives. Nebraska tells the story of Woody Grant’s (Bruce Dern) quest to retrieve $1 million, from Lincoln, Nebraska, (even though the prize is non existent and is purely fake advertisement) if its his last act on earth. His wife (June Squibb) talks five times as much, and is twice as pessimistic, and is always on his case. Their sons, David (Will Forte) and Ross (Bob Odenkirk) give the old couple a bit of an adventure and grant Woody a road trip to give him closure.

nebraska-bruce-dern11Misfortune tracks the Grant’s all throughout Woody’s travels, as word on the non existent winnings, become existent. Many parties then seek handouts, much to the families dismay. The ending of the film, should really move some people. Watching a man have his moment can be a beautiful thing.

Themes of this film include family, alcoholism, debt, elderly delusion, etc. Well deserved Oscar Nominations compliment this film. It’s really quite a unique authentic piece, and the script should be praised. At times, it feels empty though.

Alexander Payne (Sideways, Election) directed this film with precision and honed craft. He made the picture in black and white, and given the nature and mood of the film, and the old fashioned dense characters, that seems like a wise decision.

Take care of what cares for you.