Seeking a comic book film gem that you may have overlooked? Look no further, stylistic artsy comic book violence will fill your eyes with delight, in ‘Sin City’, as it is presented both viciously and humorously. Abrasive silliness, fantastic writing and immense characters elevate this film to cream of the crop film status, and it is much better than nearly all other comic book films.


Sin City will chew you up and spit you back out impressed. It has a better cast than nearly every other film ever made. In fact, there are too many A-List actors and actresses to mention. Plenty of laughs will be had, though gasps and shocked faces wont be avoided either. Fear not though, originality bleeds this film dry (in a good way).

Some might say that without a great script, a great film is impossible. Well, greater scripts than Sin City are a rarity. The dialogue is filled with darkness, deception, scheming, rational criminal thinking, option weighing, and maybe even a little wisdom; also most importantly: style. This script gives this film such style. As do its black and white visuals, mixed with occasional exotic color. Shades of a masterpiece.
For the naysayers, perhaps a film containing the darkest elements of humanity, really infuriates you, or frightens you, and thus you write it off. For the rest of us, a film like this, if tolerated, can only be watched in pure admiration for all of its many successful elements of a great film, violence aside. The violence just feeds the fire to the darkness of this piece.


Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (the mind behind the Sin City comics), this stands as Rodriguez’s finest work. Adding to the gore and brilliance, came with the decision to bring Quentin Tarantino as a guest director; no introduction necessary, his reputation precedes him.
Overall, viewing this film can not be skipped. It is a future cult classic, and it is just about perfect. One may not absolutely love it their first watch, but an extra couple viewings should really sprinkle the pepper and douse sauce on the steak.

Disagree? You may be in store ‘for the hard goodbye’.