Success with a debut horror movie continues to equal many follow up films, of the same brand name, declining upon each further release. Paying for it translates into also paying to cement another terrible release masked within its own successful brand name. Such as the case with ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’.

Exhausted dull follow ups continue to be a declivity in the genre of horror. ‘PA: The Marked Ones’ keep that trend alive. Mildly interesting characters, predictably scary moments, and poorly executed aspects capture this film.


Diving into the Hispanic community, it focuses on the paranormal infiltration of a young fellah named Jesse (Andrew Jacobs), with Hector (Jorge Diaz) and Marisol (Gabrielle Walsh) consistently by his side, during better and the worse. The show-stopping performance of the film is by Jesse’s grandmother (Renee Victor) who masterfully shouts in elderly Spanish consistently throughout the old film, while also appearing a wise sage.

Christopher Landon executed the writing and directing, and could really use more learning than earning, if he wants to eventually sit atop a directors throne. That being said, worse debuts have been made than this. It certainly lifts hairs on your body, gives goosebumps, and will provide a few scares.

Paranormal Activity debuted strong (the first one was great) and has gone downhill with each film since then (just like ‘SAW’ and ‘Halloween’). The wake up call will only come from bad sales, so here’s hoping that this one does poor in the box office. If one is a fan of the Paranormal Activity series, renting this a few months after it is released, would be a rational investment, given the quality of this piece. Horror films are distributed like food and very few of them are worth a trip to the restaurant.
This one hardly warrants an at home snack.