Although considered an unexpected journey for the great Bilbo Baggins, the film living up to it’s hype (barely), is also unexpected in this latest installment of the fantasy masterpiece that most people have come to love.

This film starts off in the past, but stays in the present every other scene. The plot should be known to nearly all who intend to indulge in a viewing. Bilbo, The Hobbit, the 14 dwarves and Gandalf continue to make their way towards Ereboor, the mountain that was once their home, that the Firedrake Dragon Smaug has taken as his own, and hibernated in his plunder for half a century in. Furthermore, it is Bilbo’s task to reclaim the Arkenstone, and Gandalf’s to expose and destroy the Necromancer, and other foes threaten the safety of the party as well. The plot should hold your attention all the way to the end. 

A good bit of laughs will also be had, but mostly one will just watch in awe, especially with a scene such as the statue and Smaug, as well as the gloaming revealing the door. The nerd community and Lord Of The Rings community, should all thank Benedict Cumberbatch for lending his voice as the character of Smaug. He slays with vocals alone. Excellent acting also shown by Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins), and Orlando Bloom (Legolas).

With no particular evidence to back this up this reviewer thinks the ring represents greed and power. More so greed, as it is gold and everyone wants it and lets it consume them and takes control of their life, as money does also. The power aspect comes from its ability to create invisibility, which elevates ones personal power.

The Hobbit 2 Desolation of SmaugThe visuals range from dark and gritty to bright and colorful. Excellent cinematography; the way the film was shot at times had such grandeur to it. Peter Jackson really is a master of his own craft and continues to make masterpieces with every film he puts out.

Flawed or not, this picture is well worth a trip to the theater; it should keep you intrigued, even if you are just a casual viewer. The ending may frustrate some people, but as a massive fan, and a writer, I suspect they are building everyone up for a highly satisfying and rewarding trilogy ending film, where one way or another, all loose ends will be tied.

Desolation Of Smaug is a blockbuster delight in modern cinema, and can reach even the darkest of hearts. Naysayers, you will regret passing up afternoon tea with Smaug.