The “Curse Of Chucky” crew was determined to take the Chucky franchise back to it’s roots, and they have succeeded, but with both strengths and flaws evident in this latest installment.

Lights out kids! Watch out, because Chucky is back! Plenty of vicious action can be found in this latest Chucky film, plus a touch of originality, and an alternate ending help make this one better than most other movies in the series.

Don Mancini takes the helm of director in this latest installment and doesn’t completely disappoint. He also is the creator of many characters including the demonic Good Guy toy himself, and was involved with directing and producing other Childs Play and Chucky films (both with Chucky representing the evil). Although he lacks other film credits, he continues to make his mark with this iconic franchise, and this new picture helps his cause.




Brad Dourif returns as the long running voice of the deranged doll, and has undergone an appearance change: he looks girly! That doesn’t stop the maniac doll from wreaking havoc like his serial killer fueled nature demands in each film. This picture has more of an actual fear inducing, threatening feel to it than the last two films (Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky). It possesses more of a classic throwback touch to it, and those who seen all the films but find the first few best, should appreciate that.

It’s scarce on celebrities, although Jennifer Tilly makes a cameo. Regardless of all the characters, the real star of the film is Fiona Dourif. Her character is handicapped and has to survive via the confines of a wheelchair. Fiona acts masterfully. This film has great cinematography, lush visuals and has eloquent sound; poor soundtrack though. However, the pacing of the film is fantastic.




Chucky films continue to be released, but many years apart. They also tend to not score highly with critics, but they are cult classics and are a hit to view. This red haired doll named Chucky is no good guy.