Arcade Fire exploded out of the indie scene and has become what it is today, a multi-million dollar band, with the help of their 2010 full-length album The Suburbs. That album won the Album of the Year Grammy – beating out the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry among other Top 40 artists.


Reflektor opens with the LP-titled single, “Reflektor” featuring some back up vocals by none other than legend David Bowie himself. It has a different sound, just like you’d expect from their ever-changing library — although it’s an awful lot like disco, a sound I’m not far too personally fond of. With stand-out tracks like Here Comes the Night Time and the rowdy Joan of Arc, the album holds up very well, especially when comparing it to their last album, which was thought to be their masterpiece. In fact, Reflektor is better and is definitely their magnum opus – but not the record of a band that’s reached their peak (does that make sense?).

Arcade Fire is that one rare band that fits in with the mainstream, yet somehow manages to stay true to its neo-indie roots. With Hatian influences and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy producing, the album manages to make the right moves, even from the hidden pre-gap track “VOL I.,” which is essentially snippets of tracks from Disc One in reverse. Who knew Arcade Fire sounded so good in reverse? Flashbulb Eyes is easily the only “weak” song in the album, by not being easily discernible from the rest of the tracks. It sounds just a little bit dull, but it’s not necessarily a bad track. This is the album Arcade Fire fans have been waiting for.

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor is out in stores everywhere on October 29th.

Songs to Buy: You Already Know, Joan of Arc, AfterlifeHere Comes The Night Time

Songs to Skip: Flashbulb Eyes


  • Alex Roberts

    I like the music. The music is pretty nice and very comforting 🙂