Lady GaGa’s second single Do What U Want is genius and idiotic.  The track has a great beat but the lyrics are far from her best.  The song is about the media using her body to mock her, hence her telling them to do what they want with it in the papers.  This is an intelligent metaphor, but mixing “Do what you want with my body” and “I could be the drink in your cup / I could be the green in your blunt / Your pusha man, ya I got what you want / You wanna escape all of the crazy sh*t / You’re the Marilyn, I’m the president” doesn’t make the song sound intelligent.  Alcohol, drugs, drug dealing, and cheating among subject matter turn “Do what you want with my body” from a well-thought-out metaphor into just a lusty lyric.




Besides the lyrics, there’s the whole other problem of it barely being a Lady GaGa song.  52 seconds of the song’s 3:47 running time is R Kelly.  Allowing for instrumental time, Lady GaGa herself sings for about two minutes.  Lady GaGa has made a mark on the music industry and has shown her song writing skills.  Do What U Want is simply not a great representation of her talent.

Do What U Want is a catchy song, but the lyrics are mediocre.  Worth a listen but not a buy.


out of four.