Chris Sanders is no stranger to animated features, with Oscar-nominated (and should be winners) films Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon.  Expectations for anything new he writes and directs are high, and The Croods exceptionally exceeded those high expectations.


Sanders is the master of making the most appealing characters and the most adult-friendly and inspirational animated movies.  Although The Croods lacks an adorable protagonist (like Stitch and Toothless), the film is ridden with supporting characters that make me want to hug the screen.




One of the running jokes of the film is a very adult-oriented joke.  Grug (Nicolas Cage), the father in the film, hates his mother-in-law Gran (Cloris Leachman).  When the family gets separated and reunites, he counts the members of his family happily until he counts the grandma, when he lets out a disappointed sigh.  Later on he overhears Gran saying if Grug ever had an idea (she considers him an idiot), she would die.  We see Grug smiling before working on coming up with ideas.  Another more adult-like joke, is every time Grug tells a story, he ends it with the character dying after simply trying something new.  Those are just a couple examples of the hilarity The Croods delivers.

The film is about the daughter, Eep (Emma Stone), growing up and wanting to expand from the cave her family has always survived in.  He dad is strictly against anything and everything new, so opposes his daughter’s wishes.  Despite this, Eep leaves the cave at night an bumps into the lone wanderer Guy (Ryan Reynolds).  He shows Eep a few new things and her heart is taken.  Due to unfortunate events  separating the Croods from their cave home, the are forced to travel with Guy into a whole new world.




The movie is full of adventure, creative characters, and problems.  It’s a very action-packing film with no moment being uninteresting.  You manage to grow attached to every one of the characters.  The end of the movie is beautiful.  From its tragedy to its touching feeling to its inspiration.  I cried.  The movie wraps up so perfectly.

The Croods was animated in such an amazing way.  The special effects look live action.  The film makes wonderful use of depth of field and the 3D really pops.  With the varying animal characters, the movie is a burst of colours.  I have never seen a more beautifully done animated film.

The Croods is an incredibly well-written film, with enough jokes and witty lines throughout the hour and thirty-eight minutes to leave the audience eagerly awaiting the sequel.  Buy it.


out of four.