It has been seven years since Paris Hilton’s entry into the pop music industry with her record Paris.  Now she is making a comeback with her new single Good Time, and it is a good comeback at that.  The song contains powerful dance beats perfect for her new DJ career.




Good Time shows off Hilton’s vocal talent, going from her cutesy high voice to her sexy low voice.  The lyrics represent Hilton as the fun-loving party girl she is.  “There go the paparazzi / I really don’t give a f*ck / Move out of my way / ‘Cause I came to party rock / Good times are here / And you know they’re here to stay / If you’re not here to party / move and get out of the way.”  These lyrics display Hilton’s carefree and life-loving personality.  This was the perfect track to pick for her lead single.  The various tempos keep the song different and interesting.

My only quarrel with the song is Lil Wayne’s horrid rap verse.  “I’m f*cked up / I can’t tell you what’s what / All she know is suck, f*ck/ I walked up to her big butt / And ask her ass butt what…She f*cked me like she love me / Love is such a science / Do you think it’s love? / Thanks for not replying.”  What did I just hear?  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Pop and rap do not belong together.




Good Time is the perfect clubbing song with its energetic beats and Hilton rocking the track. Buy it.