Paris Hilton’s lead single of her upcoming untitled sophomore album, Good Time, appropriately has a matching music video taking place at a rave.  The music video features flashing lights and a plethora of colours.  Hilton dons various eye-catching outfits that are quite fabulous (the white and gold bathing suit especially).




A rave, however, as a music video isn’t very original or interesting.  She also didn’t seem to know what to do during Lil Wayne’s rap, so she stuck four shirtless men on screen.  The music video does have some usual things in it though, like the lit-up Kryoman the Robot, that do make it stand out from the usual party video.

The video stays true to the song’s title: The entire music video is of Hilton and co. — between dancing, drinking, and swimming — having a good time.  Hilton dances while surrounded by party-goers and blow-up animals, singing in Beverly Hills, and laying by a pool in a studded bathing suit.  The video gets an optimistic mood going whether you’re having a good time or not.




Despite the simplicity of the music video, it is a fun video and energises viewers. Watch it.