Starting with a strange 90’s-sounding song clip (perhaps a sample?), Walking On Air doesn’t set a great first impression.  It doesn’t get much better because the tune is short on lyrics and thus is quite repetitive.  “I’m Walking On Air / Tonight / I’m Walking On Air / I’m Walkin’, I’m Walkin’ On Air / Tonight / I’m Walking On Air” as the chorus and then repeated with an extra “I’m Walking On Air” at the end leaves me thinking she couldn’t come up with enough lyrics for this particular track.  Along with a weak chorus,  the bridge is a repeat itself, made up of recycled lyrics from the end of the second verse.




That said, the lyrics Katy Perry wrote other than “Walking On Air” were creative and with a stroke of pop music genius.  The imaginative lyrics include Perry harmonising about being read like erotica making her feel exotica and heaven being jealous of her paradise-like love, causing angels to cry.  The verses are the best part lyrically, because of their poetic beauty.  The verse lyrics and Perry’s talent with vocals saves the song.  Her serenading voice, with its vocal range and unique style, manage to keep the song interesting even when the lyrics fail.



Walking On Air does not portray the dark atmosphere PRISM was said to have, but if you want a light song to dance to, it’s the perfect dance track.