I saw a lot of talk on Twitter about how “FeLiNa,” the long awaited and eagerly viewed Breaking Bad series finale was miles better than the disappointing Dexter ending and the one that made us all scratch our heads, Sopranos. Well, I can confirm it was great. Like… Really, really great.

The episode did originally take off a little slow, but we already desperately needed to settle into this dramatic despair… Walt already has cancer, so he’s doomed to die. By the finale there are already so many things to tie together, how can one episode do it well? It just so happens Gilligan and the rest of the writers clearly thought it out, because it managed to tie it up so nicely.



 They don’t look like that anymore…. And Hank in the wheelchair is dead.


Luckily for the fans, Vince Gilligan gave them a Hollywood ending. Walt’s dreary, bedraggled past caught up to him and Jesse finally escaped from the neo-Nazi guys (Jack Welker’s crew). Walt leaves almost ten million dollars to Walt Jr. in a trust fund through Gray Matter (with a scare!) and Walter finally admitted to Skyler that he did what he did more so for himself than his family, which makes for a great ending to an even better series. One of the best television has ever seen to date.

Heinsberg will be in our soon-to-be meth-filled hearts forever and we’ll always remember his name.