I’ve never been much of an Arctic Monkeys fan. Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys? seemed quite self indulgent and they just had a poor man’s rock kind of feel. Suck It And See didn’t leave such a good taste in the mouth of many the world over, but this one is a sure fire hit.

AM opens with the not-so-bombastic Do I Wanna Know, which is quite heavy on style and substance. With lyrics like Do I wanna know? / If this feeling goes both ways / Sad to see you go /  Was sorta hoping that you’d stay. A vivid epitome, quizzing self-confidence and pushing limits. Can lyrics really tell a good story? Apparently so.





The catchier second track R U Mine? leads with heavy velvety guitar and lead singer Alex Turner pushes his voice to the limits. The tracks mostly feel of the same dismal theme, which means AM is quite moody on all fronts and an album that yearns to be heard at full length with no interruptions.

Arctic Monkeys have grown with their latest full length and it’s quite the impressive feat as Alex ushers the band into a bright, new era.

AM is out in stores now.

Songs to Buy: Do I Wanna Know?, R U Mine?, Snap Out Of It, No. 1 Party Anthem 

Songs to Skip: I Wanna Be Yours