UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 30): The official PRISM tracklist has been released through iTunes.

1. Roar
2. Legendary Lovers
3. Birthday
4. Walking On Air
5. Unconditionally
6. Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)
7. This Is How We Do
8. International Smile
9. Ghost
10. Love Me
11. This Moment
12. Double Rainbow
13. By the Grace of God

Deluxe tracks
15. It Takes Two
16. Choose Your Battles

UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 18): Recorded tracks include: Bad Photographs, Birthday, By the Grace of God, Dark Horse (featuring Juicy J), Double Rainbow, Ghost, International Smile, It Takes Two, Legendary Lovers, Love Me, Roar, This Is How We Do, This Moment, Unconditionally, and Walking on Air.

Amazon has the record up for sale on vinyl, confirming an LP release.

UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 17): Katy Perry announced via her Twitter that Dark Horse would be released as a preview of the album and that it is now available on iTunes. It is track six on the record and features Juicy J. She also mentioned that Walking on Air would be the next “preview” song to be released on September 30.

On September 6, Katy Perry revealed her upcoming record PRISM‘s artwork on Good Morning America. The album drops in stores and on iTunes on October 22.




The regular edition of the CD will include 13 tracks and the deluxe will have 16 tracks. The lead single Roar is confirmed to be the leading track on the album as well. Dark Horse and Walking on Air are confirmed tracks and one of them is set to be the next single, as chosen by fans.

Details on more tracks will be added as well as more release information as it becomes available.