Usually I’m not a fan of music videos that feature mostly actors and not the artists who made the song, but The Killers managed to accomplish this in a successful manner.  Shot At the Night was beautifully filmed — it is composed of great cinematography and has perfect pacing.  The neon lit music video gives off a short film feel with everything that happens in it.  It’s the little things that make this video flawless, from the slow motion scenes to the main female character (Bella Heathcote) returning to work after a fun Las Vegas night with her love at first sight (Max Minghella) still wearing her pink high heels and tying up her hair.  Shot At the Night has a certain melancholy yet empowering atmosphere to it, and the video displays a matching atmosphere.  The video really is the best it could be for the song.


As for my tendency to dislike band-absent music videos, lead singer Brandon Flowers does have several scenes of himself mixed in between Heathcote and Minghella’s love story scenes.  The rest of the band, however, didn’t receive such screen time.  Shot At the Night has a perfect mix of Flowers and the short story, satisfying fans while giving a memorable and meaningful music video.

One of their best and definitely the most pleasing to the eyes.  Buy it when it is released on iTunes and watch it below until then.