The Killers surprised fans by releasing their new single, Shot At the Night, and it is definitely a pleasant one.  In the song the band sticks to their roots but gives off the sophisticated, classy, mature vibe Battle Born gave off.  Singer Brandon Flowers shows of his flourished voice through the gentle verses and the epic, masterful chorus, while his talented bandmates, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer, and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. provide the perfect melody.  Starting off soft and building up to something bigger works for Shot At the Night, successfully grabbing listeners attention and not letting go until the last millisecond.  The end of the song is especially beautiful, thanks to Flowers singing the line “Give me a shot at the night” in ranging vocals.  You can notice M83’s presence given that Anthony Gonzalez produced it.




The lyrics are very interesting and make me curious as to what the song is about: “Once in a lifetime, the suffering of fools / To find our way home, to break in these palms…Once in a lifetime, the breaking of the roof / To find that our home, has long been out grown…Look at my reflection in the mirror / Underneath the power of the light…I feel like I’m losing the fight”.  (Does this remind anyone else of the Smile Like You Mean It music video?)  It is a written and recorded masterpiece.

It is suiting that Shot At the Night‘s record debut is on The Killers greatest hits album, Direct Hits, as it has already joined its predecessors under the title.  Buy it.