On September 17th, Katy Perry released Dark Horse as a promotional single.  I have a love-hate relationship with this song.  Upon first listen, I did not like it at all.  It’s not like any Katy Perry song in existence.  Dark Horse has a very strange hip-hop beat going on in the background throughout various parts of the song.  I am not a fan of hip-hop at all, but after giving the song several re-listens, I started ignoring the hip-hop and just listening to Perry’s voice.  Dark Horse features Katy Perry’s best vocals thus far in her career.  The track displays not only her range but her different singing styles.  The song isn’t very catchy, but Perry’s voice definitely shows us how far she has come in her career.  The lyrics she sings come out absolutely beautiful and the song suddenly becomes truly mesmerising.




The would-be-perfect song is tainted by its rap verse.  When will pop stars realise pop and rap do not belong together?  The song is serious and beautiful until lyrics like, “Her love is like a drug / I was tryina hit it and quit it / But lil’mama so dope / I messed around and got addicted,” and other such ridiculous things join the lyrics.  Perry’s friend and creative partner Bonnie McKee revealed in July that PRISM has a more mature sound than Perry’s previous records.  This song would have done the trick if not for the rapping and the hip-hop tones.  I’m embarrassed to say a song I own has the word “shawty” in it.



Despite the rapping verse, her voice truly shines brighter than it ever has before and is worth your $1.29.