In this dubstepp-y (did I use that correctly?) era millennials have definitely overtaken pop culture and while most of the new music released may be crap-tastic (you, Skrillex) there are a few gems put out. Titanics new album Soft Treasure is one album I seem to have an issue decoding. The opening track, Low Frames is easily the strongest this LP has to offer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing seeing as it’s a great track on all fronts.




What puzzles me a bit are the tracks like Table Bet, which are purely instrumental. I’m personally not a fan of those unless it’s Tchaikovsky or Bach, but while those don’t pique my interest, the tracks in which Mark Lombardo decides to dust off his vocal chords tend to shine.

It’s definitely a synthy journey featuring a balance of mellow, dreamy guitars and vocals that inspire pure music again, but those vocals are just too few and too far apart. I hope their latest offering has more of that, because it’d be killer. Although it’s safe to say this group is extremely talented and deserving of a larger audience. They’ll find exactly what they’re looking for with some more hard work.

Titanics is composed of a duo from Albany, New York. Mark Lombardo and Derek Rogers. You can purchase Soft Treasure from the Titanics Bandcamp.

Songs to Buy: Low Frames, Down On The Bottom, Beacons, Two Days

Songs to Skip: Table Bet, Yoota