Katy Perry didn’t only make a strong return with a catchy, well-written lead single, she also made a strong return with a perfect music video counterpart.  Roar screams (or roars) Katy Perry.  The song’s lyrics lead me to believe the track is about her finding her way in her music career, and with the music video being a perfect mix of story, fun, and metaphor, it is the perfect representation of Katy Perry.




The music video is about Katy Perry getting stranded in the jungle and learning how to find her way and adapt to the new environment.  At first things are difficult for her when her explorer coworker gets mauled by a tiger and she is left alone, but she finds the tiger in herself and becomes the powerful and talented pop artist sensation (or queen of the jungle) we know her as today.  The video goes from taking place in the dark and lonesome night, to being graced with beautiful colours and animals in the day.  She befriends a monkey and an elephant who helps her shower, as well as a tiger she puts a collar on with the name Kitty Purry (her beloved cat who has been by her side before and during her rocket to fame) — a very cute and funny scene.




The video is fantastic and surpassed my expectations.  There isn’t a single thing I can complain about in this video.  It makes me feel happy and it is beautiful eye candy.  I absolutely love how Katy it is.  Buy it as soon as it hits the iTunes store and watch it as much as possible until then.