Marianas Trench’s newest music video looks spectacular for sure — no one can argue that.   The addition of narratives and lengthening of the video so it is closer to a short film than a music video are steps in the right direction.  The cinematography is different from any they have ever featured in a music video.  It is refreshing and interesting to look at.  The Vegas theme is a new addition to their thirteen music video resume.  By Now could have been the perfect music video.




The area By Now fell was its dramatic (or attempted dramatic) content.  It suffered the same fate as Fallout, which tried to be dramatic but ended up ridiculously cheesy, being a video filled with nothing but explosions.  By Now was a little better than this, with more story line and Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, and Ian Casselman getting more screen time and being a bigger part in the video.  Like in their first music video, Say Anything, Josh Ramsay screws the band over, but this time it was for a girl.  While this story is interesting, the way it was done was disappointing.  It seemed lengthy and repetitive, and three quarters of the time I didn’t know what was happening.  I liked the narration, but the words were empty instead of meaningful.




I know Marianas Trench can make a better dramatic video than this.  Beside You and Good to You (especially the latter) were great dramatic music videos.  I hope next time they get back to what they do best: being themselves, instead of trying to impress their new-found American audience.

★★  Not their best.