Despite our raving review for the Applause single, the video didn’t warrant such high praise.  Lady GaGa is known for strange, intriguing videos, but this one was strange in an uninteresting way.  It was like a mess of different shots glued together to make a hasty music video.  Maybe I’m missing the artistic message she’s trying to get across, but the message the video did give me is that she didn’t try very hard this time around.




There are sequences of colour bursts that sometimes serve as transitions from shot to shot, as though a high school student slapped it together.  I know they are probably meant to represent a performance but it looked sloppy.  Some scenes have animated backgrounds and instead of adding artistic touch, it just looks silly.  There is even a part where Lady GaGa’s head is on a swan.  It is poorly done graphically, which makes it cringe-worthy.

There are a few good perks to this video.  My favourite scenes are the ones where GaGa is simply dressed in lingerie laying on her bed with her natural hair colour.  These parts seem like the raw GaGa everyone loves and are delightful to watch.  The Aphrodite-like scenes feature her looking as cute as a button, despite the scantily clad getup.  In some scenes, GaGa dons a pair of wings that give the video a cool and dark atmosphere.  Applause‘s music video also has some shaking camera effects that compliment it well.




Despite these things that slightly redeemed the video, this is the worst music video Lady GaGa has made.  I know she can do better.  Watch her other fourteen music videos and hope for a better one next time around.