As soon as I played Applause for the first time, the first quality I noticed was how unique it sounds. I have noticed before that every Lady GaGa song sounds different from the rest, but this one was such a shocking difference. Her voice was much deeper and raspier than in any other song. Applause is extremely catchy (chorus especially) and well-written. Lady GaGa, who hasn’t had a single for almost two years, was forced to released Applause a week ahead of schedule due to leaks. The leaks were met with mostly negative reviews, which is ironic after hearing the song’s lyrics. Applause sounds like it’s about when critics bash Lady GaGa, her fan’s applause is her cure. It’s like a serious version of Tenacious D’s Rize of the Fenix. Both verse’s lyrics suggest this idea of being critically un-acclaimed (at least by some):

“I stand here waiting / for you to bang the gong / to crash the critic saying: / is it right or is it wrong? / If only fame had an IV baby could I bare / being away from you I found the vein put it in here…I overheard your theory / nostalgia’s for geeks / I guess sir, if you say so / some of us just like to read / One second I’m a Koons fan / suddenly the Koons is me / Pop culture was in art now / Art’s in Pop culture in me.”




The song is a strong lead single and even better than the previous album Born This Way‘s self-titled single. Applause gives me the sense that ARTPOP is going to be a record entirely different from anything we have heard from Lady GaGa before, and that is a very exciting thought.

4stars, Buy it on iTunes now.