Logan Lerman is a God Among Men….and too good for this terrible script.

He’s a good actor. He emotes well and seems to know what he is doing. With that in mind, I pose the question: why the hell is he in this titan sized mess of a movie? From the generic plot to the wooden acting, this film fails on almost every level.




Before I get ahead of myself, let me summarize the movie. The tree that protects this camp of demi-gods (children of greek gods) is poisoned. So Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman), Annabeth (Alexendra Daddario), Tyson (Douglas Smith) and Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) go to the Sea of Monsters to find the Golden Fleece, a glorified dish cloth that has the ability to heal anything it touches (including the tree that was poisoned).

As imagined, this generic hero’s journeys plays out as expected. Just pick up any book (or Wikipedia because who the hell reads books anymore?) on basic film structure and you can follow along. Well, at least it is a good example to put in the next addition of the book ( I’m looking at the positives). In fact, in the entire film there is only one moment that wasn’t so generic and was kinda of emotional. However, that emotion was quickly diffused because the next plot point literally reversed the consequences of the previous moment. You can see how this movie can be frustrating, and more importantly, really boring.


If your movie’s plot is going to bore me, at least give me some interesting characters. Did Percy Jackson 2 do that? Nope, we got our good old archetypes. The reluctant hero, the generic villain (who plays chess by himself, because that’s what villains do), two comedic reliefs, and the smart best friend. Can’t you see them trying to copy the success of Harry Potter with the characters? They try, but the writing isn’t strong enough to make these characters unique and interesting. They just come off as cookie cutter.


Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters


Now maybe the actors get the most out of these generic characters. They don’t, sorry to disappoint. Outside of Lerman, everyone is just kind of there, phoning it in. With special mention to the two female leads, who both were terrible. Like I’m talking wooden delivery, little emotion and annoying character choices. They were the whole package of awful, and couldn’t even work with the sometimes fun dialogue (it had some clever lines). Lerman is the only one who holds his own. The kid has talent and with some better material he could really shine. Nothing else to say about his fine performance.


While I’m on the subject of fine things, lets talk about the special effects. They were good and everything seemed realistic enough. Too bad the studio put money into the effects instead of script and actors because this lead to a god sized failure of a movie.  Avoid it and don’t waste your money.


1star, Film-Social.com