Evil Dead II might have been the scariest movie of 1987, but it’s certainly the best comedy of 2013. Suffering from a case of cabin fever, Lionsgate Films decided to re-release Evil Dead II on Blu-ray back on November 15th, 2011, after their barebones release in 2007. The first suffered (ha-ha) from being such a great success, that Raimi had the chance to make a sequel, which he did.

I have many issues with this film. Everyone teased Evil Dead (2013) and it was given mixed-to-positive reviews, but one of the reasons was because it “lacked the humor of the original.” Well, the first wasn’t a comedy by any means (and had no humor), but the sequel is definitely an over-the-top camp-fest. It definitely wasn’t very funny. In a bad way, sure, but this remake lacked the terror the original had, but where’s the plot?



You killed somebody? Pics or it didn’t happen.

The film begins with Ash (Bruce Campbell) who goes to this estranged cabin with his girlfriend something-something. It’s not his cabin and in it he finds a tape recorder and decides to play what’s on it. Once he does so, he unleashes the evil which, in turn, all hell breaks loose.

I don’t know which inevitable fact bothers me more – that the rest of the film is pretty much Bruce Campbell going crazy or that Sam Raimi doesn’t try at all when it comes to the story. Then they introduce us to some more characters and some girl named Bobby Joe (what?) and they can’t cross some bridge to the cabin because the bridge like…. Broke….. Because of lightning or something…..



What kind of lightning does that?

I don’t know how anybody could take this movie seriously enough to even laugh at the jokes. Sure, the film is technically impressive, especially when it comes to the fact that it was from 1987, the Blu-ray copy holds up immaculately and it looks like it was shot not too long ago, but writing a review for this movie must be the most grueling experience for anyone. I’m unsure of why people say it’s a great movie, because I’m not even sure it fits the bill for a movie. Maybe I’m just too young to get this kind of film, but for one that still runs for almost $16, it’s definitely not a bang for your buck.

tumblr_mbdxnfzjuE1r2g3s4o1_500 We got it, you’re all right…. We got it….

It’s just not my kind of film, even though my review for the Evil Dead remake was glowing. I’m going to place my bets on an Evil Dead II remake and hope it doesn’t have any of the whacky “comedy” this one has. Don’t bother with this one. Not even on Netflix.