Lady GaGa and Katy Perry, who burst into super-stardom at approximately the same time, are constantly being put on to a lab table to be dissected and compared. The world seems to think one is always copying the other, and that it is absurd to adore both. My purpose in this post is to suggest (with proof) that each is original, despite similarities.

I will start with “Katy Perry copying Lady GaGa” since there seem to be ten times more of these.

1. Argument: Katy Perry’s Waking Up In Vegas copied the gambling concept of Lady GaGa’s Poker Face.





Poker Face was released as a single on September 23, 2008. Waking Up In Vegas was released as a single on April 21, 2009. However, Waking Up In Vegas was written in 2005 by Katy Perry, Desmond Child, and Andreas Carlsson for her self-titled album that ended up not being released.

2. Argument: Katy Perry copied Lady GaGa’s American flag outfit.





Heaven forbid if two American women are patriotic. Katy Perry wore it for an Independence Day concert, so an American-related getup would only be everyone’s expectation. She repeated the look in a different fashion in 2012:




3. Argument: Katy Perry’s breasts shot out sparks after Lady GaGa’s did in concert.





Listen to the song Katy Perry’s “breasts” are lighting on fire to. They are fireworks from her — and the others in the video’s — hearts. Hearts and breasts are in the same area, but have very different functions.

4. Argument: Katy Perry’s E.T. video copied Lady GaGa’s alien-esque Born This Way video.





This is a baffling comparison because one doesn’t even have to do research to realise the lack of thought put into the argument. First of all, what did you think Katy Perry’s extraterrestrial video was going to be about? Kitties? (Knowing her it could have been. Kitties was not the best example.) Katy Perry posted the alien make-up photo for the video on February 15, 2011. Born This Way premiered February 28, 2011. How, unless Katy Perry is an alien, could she travel forward in time to see what Lady GaGa would be doing?

Katy Perry in E.T.:




5. Argument: Katy Perry copied Lady GaGa’s mermaid idea.





Back when this argument arose, fans thought Lady GaGa would be playing a mermaid in her music video, The Edge of Glory, which came out on June 16, 2011. However, at the last moment, Lady GaGa changed the theme of the music video, and the mermaid was not introduced until the music video for Yoü and I came out on August 16, 2011, which featured Lady GaGa as a mermaid. When Katy Perry tweeted a photo of herself as a mermaid on July 12, 2011, fans assumed she was taking advantage of Lady GaGa’s change of plans and preparing to release a music video of herself as a mermaid. Seven months later, on February 2, 2012, those people must be feeling pretty silly, now knowing that she was posing for GHD (a hair care company’s) advertisement. If you still feel like she copied Lady Gaga, have a look at the following:

In this order: Katy Perry performing Hot N’ Cold live as a mermaid in May 2009, Paris Hilton as a mermaid in August 2009 for her perfume Siren, Katy Perry doing a Teenage Dream promo shot. In the end, being a mermaid just isn’t an original idea by anyone from the 2000’s.


IMG_5870 paris-hilton-siren-ad IMG_6095

The final product of Katy Perry’s ad ended up looking like this:




6. Argument: Katy Perry didn’t dress “crazy” till 2010.




I guess her 2008 outfits, including this carousal dress are “normal?” This picture, unedited, with no comparisons, all on its own, kills this argument.

7. Argument: Katy Perry wore food after Lady GaGa’s meat dress.





In 2008, Katy Perry used fruits in her clothing. One of the Boys is a fruit-themed album, and Teenage Dream is a candy-themed album.

8. Argument: Katy Perry made up “Kathy Beth Terry” after Lady GaGa came out with “Jo Calderone.”





Yes, Kathy Beth Terry was seen after Jo Calderone, who was first seen on the cover of Vogue Japan in June 2010. Jo Calderone wasn’t Lady GaGa’s first persona though. During The Fame Ball, Lady GaGa played clips in between dress change where she was identified as “Candy Warhol.” With that said, Kathy Beth Terry became known worldwide more than a year before Jo Calderone (who was not named at the time he was featured in Vogue Japan,) thanks to the Teen Choice Awards on August 9, 2010. But in the big picture, neither Katy Perry nor Lady GaGa were the first to have side personas. Rather than a copy, this is certainly a trend, seeing how Lady GaGa has Yüyi as well. You can never have too many counterparts!

9. Argument: Katy Perry copied Lady GaGa with the Houndstooth pattern.





If you want to get technical, I will get technical. Katy Perry wasn’t the one wearing the pattern in 2008, but it was on her doll in the 2008 UR So Gay video. Also, Katy Perry wore the pattern for InStyle magazine, so she was being paid to wear those clothes. But really, do you realise just how common this pattern is? When this controversy had come out, I was keeping my eyes peeled! Check below:

My friend, Selena Gomez’s skirt, clothing articles, backpacks, and binders.


408339599 409574671 409580685 410184082 423957771 424203899 edit edit2


10. Argument: Katy Perry copied Lady GaGa’s farm setting from the Yoü & I video.





The commonality of a farm as the (or one of the) settings in a music video is more common than people think. One of my other favourite artists even has a farm setting in his video:

Bryan Adams Summer of ’69




However, when The One That Got Away video was finally released on November 11, 2011, it was revealed that this picture of Katy Perry was not taken on a farm, but on a cliff. The fence is there to keep people from falling off of that cliff. Assumptions are really becoming a bad trend.

11. Argument: Katy Perry copied Lady GaGa by posting a very Born This Way-like make-up shot.





This picture was posted in the beginning of October. What is the biggest event in October? Hallowe’en of course! Katy Perry is just getting in the spirit! I could easily say Lady GaGa was ripping off every skeleton that came before her. Now how silly is that? It’s called using ideas and being creative. I’m sure skeletons are in the public domain by now.

Now it’s time for “Lady GaGa copied Katy Perry!” For some reason this is less common.

12. Argument: Lady GaGa copied the saxophone from Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) in her song The Edge of Glory.





Saxophones are instruments. Instruments are used in nearly every song. Katy Perry had Kenny G in her song and Lady GaGa had Clarence Clemons. Some songs have similar tunes, some pop songs happen to incorporate jazz, it’s the music industry. The Killers have very noticeable saxophone use in their 2006 song Bones, and many before them have done it, too. Instruments are free for any musician to use in a song as they please.

13. Argument: Lady GaGa copied Katy Perry’s hair colour.





I’m pretty sure, at one point in both of their lives, with all the wigs those girls have, that each of them have had nearly every hair colour. This is a terrible argument though, seeing how Lady GaGa’s hair was teal at the time of this accusation, and Katy Perry’s was blue. Not the same colours.

Artists don’t have time to see what others have done, especially not in such short lengths of time. Do you think Katy Perry and Lady GaGa sit around all day watching (or even bother paying someone to) every little thing the other does? If there is any “copying,” it’s all inspirational. The two are good friends. Katy Perry said in an interview that Lady GaGa was at her private wedding. They have exchanged gifts, hung out together, and praised each other. I have no clue what is going on in the heads of the angry fans when they hate on each other, but there is no rule saying you can only like one and must put down the other. Their messages to their fans and the public are to be accepting and love each other, and these accusations are not doing the girls justice.

Katy Perry and Lady GaGa kissing each other on the cheek on GaGavision in 2008.




Katy Perry and Lady GaGa hanging out in 2008.




Katy Perry and Lady GaGa at the 2011 VMAs, with Lady GaGa dressed as Jo Calderone.




I rest my case.

If you feel like I missed a comparison, please contact me at I would love to make a part two to this if I get enough to write about!