Sugar, spice and everything nice definitely don’t go into making a movie, but the completely peculiar The Powerpuff Girls. The film opens to a deeply disturbed Professor Utonium who dreams of creating the perfect little girls to help stop the crime surge in his city of residence, Townsville.




While trying to create these “perfect” girls, he deeply neglects his reckless monkey, Mojo Jojo. After the chemical X explosion at the lab, which leaves Mojo Jojo mutated and the professor dumbfounded, he names his opus Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

While the movie runs at 72 minutes, it really feels like an extended episode. The animation isn’t very improved, but given more of an “angular” change. Note that when it comes to the story, it’s not bad; it’s a decent origin story. If you’re already a fan of the television program, the movie wouldn’t give you much more insight.

My main gripe with the film, though, is the amount of violence for something geared at not only kids, but young girls. The film completely opposes true messages and usually falls flat, but relies heavily on the very small character cast. Also, that tag scene was a little too long and nauseating.




It’s not all bad, though. As an older viewer, you’d actually appreciate some of the subliminal older content and the violence isn’t necessarily much of a turn-off for adult viewers, but its infantile humor gets in the way of it being director Craig McCraken’s best work.

One thing this movie isn’t is boring, mostly due to the fast pacing, witty dialogue and short running time. Maybe Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. were just trying to get a slice of the show’s initially high ratings, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I may have liked the movie a bit, but for me, it was just a little too sugary.


  • Mark Zimmerman

    0 out of 4 – Davey Johnson

    Powerpuff girls is a 10 out of 4 movie. We all know it.

  • laurence207

    well, you are right for the most part but I still love the show and the movie dosen’t hold up in anyway its still fun to watch every now and then so I slightly disagree with your assessment but you still wrote a good review. So that’s something.

    • laurence207

      Sorry for the multiple grammar errors.

      • Thanks for leaving a comment! It’s not that I disliked the film, it was just a bit formulaic for me, but it was definitely up there with the usual animated fare.