Clickers, hunters, real time crafting, and many more await in Naughty Dog’s blockbuster epic, The Last of Us.  This game lets you  play in the third person perspective of Joel and occasionally Ellie while you fight through many difficult situations, but all this should be expected in a post-apocalyptic setting.




You start of in Boston and  make your way down throughout the different zones that are safe from the infected called Cordyceps in the U.S to get Ellie to her destination because she’s immune and the key to saving humanity. The Last of us has some of the best gameplay mechanics that I have ever seen and noticeably detailed graphics that immerse you in its world.

While playing this game prepare for many unexpected happenings, witty banter, and perfectly developed characters and an heart-striking end that will leave you wanting more.Another thing that should be mentioned about this game is that even though it uses many concepts that have been used before it presents it in a way that makes the story seem completely original. Even though this game is linear the decesions you make along this path can be be the deciding factor whether you live or die. So many good things can be said about he single player story alone, but the multiplayer is just as good.




You pick between two different factions the hunters who do whatever they need to survive and the fireflies who are looking for the cure of the infection. During multiplayer you can use what youve learned in two different modes: supply and raid  witch is 2o vs 20 survival and survivors which is multiple rounds of last man standing between the two factions. overall this game gets a solid 4 out of 4 for  great storytelling, fantastic character development,excellent multiplayer and for being a game that makes the player  want to know what happens next.