PIXAR has a reputation of making critically acclaimed animated films, which makes rating them from best to worst a trying task. Although each movie puts out an outstanding effort to be the best, WALL·E pegs its place as the film that goes above and beyond expectations.




WALL·E is a film about a robot (WALL·E) on an abandoned, future Earth, whose only purpose is to clean up the mess humans left on Earth before leaving. He meets another robot, Eve, sent to Earth looking for life to see if it is able to sustain humans living on it again. WALL·E falls for Eve, and the first half of the film centres around their relationship. The movie is very beautifully animated, which is important since this first half has almost no dialogue and is a very visual story. The second half is about WALL·E and Eve meeting the humans and solving their problems. This half has more dialogue, although not a huge amount. The film is well written, with what dialogue it has being intelligent, and the actions of the characters being heartwarming, evoking laughter and sadness from viewers. There is a large element of adventure, as the movie takes place in the future on an unrecognisable wasteland that is Earth. WALL·E travels through space (in one scene on a fire extinguisher,) and roams around on the spacecraft that harbours all living humans.

PIXAR does an excellent job of paying attention to fine details, such as the many items that make up WALL·E’s collection. Since WALL·E’s job on Earth is to clean the place up, he manages to create quite a collection of interesting objects he finds lying around. There are, quite literally, hundreds of items on his shelves. WALL·E is made into a lovable character with a shy but determined personality. He is a jittery character who ends up having to come out of his shell to help humanity and win the affection of Eve. WALL·E has a very straight-forward message about taking care of the planet and taking care of oneself. It is a movie that fascinates children and pleases adults. It is clearly deserving of its 2008 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.




WALL·E is an extreme case of a movie that looks much better on Blu-ray than on DVD. The difference is almost unbelievable. I don’t even say that as a cliché, the difference between the quality of the DVD and the quality of the Blu-ray is like apples and oranges (another cliché, sorry.) The audio is very clear (as a fan of subtitles, I notice good audio.) The Blu-ray comes with two Blu-ray discs and one DVD. The extras include animated shorts, deleted scenes, commentary, and more.

Buy it. 100. – Film-Social.com