After their self-titled debut album rocked indie aficionados and pop fans alike, Vampire Weekend became the talk of the town (or the town tart, some would say). They rocked the charts and peaked at 17th place, but staying there for a good fifty-two weeks on the Billboard 200,  selling nearly half a million copies by January 2010.


It’s been more than three years since their release of Contra, which garnered positive reception from fans and critics alike, and finally they’ve released their latest album Modern Vampires of the City (don’t you just love the title)?

Opening with “Obvious Bicycle,” the mid-tempo variant track that transitions seamlessly with “Unbelievers” and the b-side to the first single “Step” with woeful, yet powerful lyrics like “Ancestors told me that their girl was better / She’s richer than Croesus / She’s tougher than leather.”

Not forgetting the obvious “Diane Young” which references to dying young, the album follows the first two albums in terms of fun, but has a more organic, darker feel to it. Maybe it’s the horchata, but this album works on all fronts and levels. “Worship You” is the distant cousin of “California English” with its quick and tough to follow lyrics “Only in the way you want it / Only on the day you want it / Only with the understanding: every single day you want it.”


“Hannah Hunt” is their most melancholy track yet, which actually took seven years to perfect and proves Vampire Weekend has more range than they’re given credit for as a band. Like their first two albums, this is by far the best LP of the year and deserves that recognition.

Songs to buy: Step, Ya Hey, Hannah Hunt, Finger Back

Songs to skip: Hudson


Give this one a full purchase, you’ll love it.